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14th August 2007

6:01pm: Hi new here!
I've been using different movies I like to work on my editing
I"ve had these videos for a while but no one to give me feedback!

These two are both from the movie The Illusionist.
Spoilers like CRAZY!
If you haven't seen The Illusionist and don't want to know what happens...don't watch!

video one - best quality smaller view

video two - best quality smaller view

17th June 2007

3:28pm: 80s Quotes Part 2

Joel Stein: The Beastie Boys were totally real. They're just representin' for us Jews.


Stephan Jenkins: The thing about ["Patience"] is 'how long can Axl Rose get away with whistling?'


Juliette Lewis: Richard [Marx], if you're trying to think you didn't have a mullet, you did.


Donal Logue: (mocking Field of Dreams) If you touch me, I will come.


Kate Pierson: I knew people who had the clap, but not The Clapper.


Hal Sparks: When I bite into a Peppermint Pattie I get the sensation... I'm eating Charlie Brown's girlfriend.


Announcer: How about we drive Miss Daisy into oncoming traffic?


[Discussing When Harry Met Sally]
Rachael Harris: I think this is the movie that made Billy Crystal sexy.
[One of the cameramen makes a face and Rachael laughs]
Rachael Harris: Look. He's like, "Fuck, no! Noooo!"


Michael Ian Black: The Pepsi Challenge was NEVER about pressure, just getting it right.


Michael Ian Black: I'm not going to tell you that I became a performer because of the movie Fame, because that would be gay. But I'm not not going to tell you that.


Greg Fitzsimmons: The moral to Little Darlings is: whether your intention is to make a movie teenage boys will masturbate to or not, they're gonna.


Modern Humorist: Erin Gray, if you're out there, call me. And bring the outfits.


Dan Frischman: (on Froot Roll-Ups) It's harder to open up than a condom at prom night.


Jorge Garcia: (on AC/DC) Music that made you want to drive fast and punch people.


Rachael Harris: (on Post-It notes) It's the greatest invention ever. Ever


Hal Sparks: (on Fashion Plates) "Oh, look, I'm drawing." No, actually you're doing a charcoal relief. It's not the same thing.


Jennifer Irwin: (on Little Darlings) They should've gone with the original title, which was Statutory Rape.


Hal Sparks: The first time I heard "Sailing," I thought, 'When did Kermit get his own solo album?'


Rachel Quaintance: (on minority Barbies) Why should white girls just have issues about their bodies? Shouldn't black women and Hispanic women feel they're not good enough, too?


Bil Dwyer: (on Circus of the Stars) You know what I'd like to see? Dana Plato on a tightrope. Talk about foreshadowing


Dee Snider: The only thing I know about Juice Newton is she had big teeth and a big rack.


David Naughton: (on An American Werewolf in London) I was really, really naked, and it was really not a lot of fun.


Michael Ian Black: (on Penny Racers) They were boring toys, but they were excellent choking hazards, and that's fun.


Chris Jericho: (on Escape from New York) I loved that movie so much, I tried to poke my own eye out.


Bil Dwyer: (on Chariots of Fire) Maybe if there had been actual chariots or fire, that movie would've been interesting.


Elon Gold: (on EPCOT) Who needs Europe anymore? It's right there on one street.

Mo Rocca: Before the VCR, families had to go out to a theater to watch porn, but now they could watch it at home, together. 


Hal Sparks: The best part of the invention of BMX was watching your dumb-ass friends go, "watch what I can jump," and then just one-wheel nailing it into a wall.


Michael Ian Black: (on Quest for Fire) I was really looking at it from an anthropological point of view instead of looking at Rae Dawn Chong's ta-tas.


Rachael Harris: (on VCRs) And that light! That fucking light was always blinking. 12:00. 12:00…


Chris Jericho: Jack Palance was the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not, and he scared you into watching it.


Willie Garson: That is why I wanted to be an actor. So I could be on The $25,000 Pyramid.


Michael Ian Black: I remember going to see Terms of Endearment with my best friend, Bradley. We were 12, going to see Terms of Endearment at the theater next to the Food Town, at, like, 3:00 in the afternoon. We were the gayest little boys ever.


Mo Rocca: (on Jaws III) Without 3D, you would not have been able to appreciate the size and the contours of Lea Thompson's breasts.
Lea Thompson: Don't put that in!


Joel Stein: (on 3D movies) If porn isn't pushing a technology, it's a bad technology.


Jason George: Jheri curl is basically a way of telling Mother Nature, "Screw off!"


French Stewart: "Star Wars" was a missile defense program that was going to cost eleventy jillion jillion billion thousand gazillion dollars.


Modern Humorist: No matter where Mr. T shows up, there are always fools who need to be pitied


Mo Rocca: Reading Rainbow taught kids that the only way to read is by watching TV, because it's just not as good in book form.


Bil Dwyer: (on Truly Tasteles Jokes) Just because a joke involves an amputee being lit on fire, doesn't mean it should be published.


Hal Sparks: Mousse and bangs. No, it was not a cop show; it was a horrible hair choice.


Mo Rocca: Dr. Ruth was the perfect height to actually interview a penis.


Chris Booker: Dr. Ruth made it okay to say the word 'penis.'


Hal Sparks: (on Snorks) They should've just called them The Bongheads and gotten it over with.


Lea Thompson: (on Red Dawn) We all had AK-47s. With blanks in them. I think. Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze, myself, and Jennifer Grey: we tore that town apart.


Michael Ian Black: (on Amadeus' Salieri) He had kind of an 'Edward James Olmos-thing' going on, and by that I mean cystic acne, but that's okay.


Hal Sparks: (on Amadeus) This movie was designed by scientists to win Oscars.


Gilbert Gottfried: Police Academy was so awful that I'm surprised I didn't star in it.


Michael Ian Black: (on Bob Ross) You try taking a putty knife and throwing some burnt umber on there and see what you get. He got an entire mountain vista. What I got is it looked like I had the runs on canvas.


Chris Wylde: (on My Buddy) In the 80s we started giving dolls to boys. Twenty years later—Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Put it together.

Alan Thicke: (on Joe Theissman's MNF leg break) Nothing has sounded so terrible at a football game until Ashley Simpson at the Orange Bowl. 


Joe Lorge: It's too bad that Lawrence Taylor didn't break his leg, because if LT would've broken his leg, he probably wouldn't have felt it because he was so high on coke


Missi Pyle: (on The Legend of Billie Jean) When you become a vigilante, you do, in fact, have to cut your hair.


"Weird Al" Yankovic: I wrote "Eat It" because I wanted to buy a house. It worked


Michael Ian Black: It was just a lot of attractive, androgynous people whispering, "Obsession."


Bil Dwyer: People who loved old people, and murder, watched Murder, She Wrote. Cabot Cove, Maine—it's such a delightful little town, but the murder rate, per capita, had to have been high.


Michael Ian Black: (on "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off") I like the message. We can keep our clothes on. It's called dry humping.


Bil Dwyer: (on Back to School) He hires Kurt Vonnegut to write his paper on Kurt Vonnegut, and he gets a B!


Mo Rocca: Head of the Class featured a gorgeous mosaic of losers


Chuck Woolery: (on Love Connection) One guy said to a girl he'd seen better legs in a bucket of chicken. I thought that was going too far.


Modern Humorist: (on Halley's Comet) It's the only time in your life you'll get to see a fuzzy, disappointing dot on the horizon.


Wil Wheaton: (on Lucas) Like all teenage boys, the nerd wants the shallow cheerleader who can't appreciate his brains. God, that movie hits close to home.


Dee Snider: (on The Legend of Zelda) I got to level 7. I was there. I could taste it. I was gonna get the princess, man! And one of my fuckin' kids kicked out the plug.


Michael Ian Black: Say you've got a baked potato. In the old days, 9 weeks, minimum. Microwave? (snaps fingers) Done!


Larry Joe Campbell: (on "Black Monday") I remember it didn't mean a damn thing to me, 'cause we didn't have any money. So who cared?


Tom Papa: (on Throw Momma from the Train) It's like if your angry gym teacher had sex with a Shar-Pei. That was momma.


Modern Humorist: Lita Ford looked hot, but she also looked like she might smell like a Dumpster.


Michael Ian Black: (on Micro Machines) Eddie Murphy used to sing a song about putting things up your butt, and I always imagined that this was what he was talking about. If you've ever tried, they fit perfectly up your rectum.


Michael Ian Black: (on the Jimmy the Greek controversy) It basically boiled down to, I think, "black people are stupid."


Chris Coppola: You immediately side with DeNiro in Midnight Run, because you just want Charles Grodin dead.


Mo Rocca: (on tanning beds) I'd wear goggles to cover my eyes and a tiny little cap for my wiener.


Emily Procter: (on Lita Ford) She seemed scary. She made me nervous. I thought she was going to kill me.


Joel Stein: (on Cocktail) You spend 6 or 7 minutes per drink? Just give me my beer and shut up.


Hal Sparks: (on The Little Mermaid) The lovely little moral of this story is : Girls give up your voice so you have legs you can spread for your man and never talk. What?!?


Gilbert Gottfried: If you watch more than 5 minutes of Steel Magnolias, you will grow a vagina.


Rachael Harris: Paula's dance moves were part cheerleader, part, umm, whore


Michael Ian Black: You can sit there with a straight face and tell me the Bengals were in the Super Bowl?


Gilbert Gottfried: The purpose of the stealth bomber was to give guys another nickname to call their penis.


Edwin McCain: Did I see Road House? I'm a guy, aren't I?

3:27pm: 80s Quotes Part 1

Uncle Kracker: When they took off Darth Vader's helmet and he looked like Curly from The Three Stooges, you know that was the biggest let down to every kid in America


Hal Sparks: They were like, 'Who shot J.R.?' I was like, 'Well, who'll shoot the rest of them?'


Hal Sparks: We used to draw a line of chalk on the sidewalk and say, "Look: Smurf people this side; Strawberry Shortcake people over there. And you Care Bear jerk-offs can just stick off the sidewalk entirely."


Michael Ian Black: Give me short skirts, give me roller skates, give me Xanadu. I'm a happy man


Hal Sparks: (on the Popemobile) Keep your Pope fresh! I think my Pope is spoiling!


Mo Collins: (on the mullet) All business in the front, nothing but a party in the back. Whoooo!


Rich Eisen: (on Dungeons and Dragons) You weren't going to meet ladies playing that.


Michael Ian Black: The one thing The Dukes of Hazzard taught us is, if you're ever in trouble with the law, get in your car, and flee.


Joel Stein: (on Fast Times at Ridgemont High) My favorite scene is when Phoebe Cates takes off her top, 'cause I'm a simple, simple man.


Michael Ian Black: Nina Blackwood could've taught me a thing or twelve


Hal Sparks:(about E.T.) It taught me to hate the government. The government will come into your house, and they will try to take away your alien pet.


Appolonia Kotero: [On Mr. T] He was Bling-Bling before there was Bling-Bling.


Hal Sparks: Wacky Wallwalkers were basically snot that you could play with all day.


Matt Letscher: Return of the Jedi. That was the teddy bear movie, right?


Mo Collins: What isn't smarter than David Hasselhoff?


Michael Ian Black: David Hasselhoff somehow manages to step into piles of turds and turn them into gold. He's done it for 20 years. The man may be the smartest human being on the planet


Michael Ian Black: He-Man was maybe the single most homoerotic cartoon ever devised


Jillian Barberie: Gag me with a spoon!
Hal Sparks: How about something else... besides a spoon, ma'am?


Melissa Etheridge: (on "Flashdance") In the '80s I knew lots of woman welders, but that's a whole different story


B.D. Wong: I was a short guy, and he was our hero, Michael J. Fox


Donal Logue: There was some kinky shit going on in a galaxy far, far away long, long ago.

Hal Sparks: Lucas says that he planned out all these stories from the very beginning, so why are they kissing in the first one? It's gross. Why in the first poster of Star Wars is she clinging to his leg, like an inch and a half from his crank, and then two years later it's his sister. Eww


Michael Ian Black: (on He-Man being gay) I think Skeletor was a skeleton. We can have skeletons in our closet. Sometimes we come out of the closet.


Tom Arnold: (on Michael Jackson's hair fire) That's when people really cared if his hair set on fire or not.


Mo Collins: [Prince] probably would only come up to my navel, which isn't such a bad thing, if you think about it


Michael Ian Black: Nobody knew George Michael was gay. Nobody even suspected. How could they?


Michael Ian Black: I remember an interview with Huey Lewis saying he wrote "I Want a New Drug" in about five minutes, and I remember thinking, "that sounds about right."


Henry Rollins: (on Care Bears) Fat chicks named Heather would want you to sign them.


Joe Elliot: (on Bruce Springsteen) I remember seeing him dancing, and thinking, "stop it!"


Hal Sparks: [Madonna] wore her underwear outside her clothes like someone who'd been struck by lightning


Dave Mustaine: You know when a tour's going bad when you have start have flashes of Spinal Tap


Michael Ian Black: Michael J. 'is he ever a' Fox. Am I right?


Michael Ian Black: If I had the Emmanuel Lewis transformer that transformed into Gary Coleman, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you. I'd be laying back on a beach in Tahiti, counting my money.


Michael Ian Black: (on "We Are the World") You had all these giants of music, and then you had Dan Aykroyd standing in the back.


Michael Ian Black: (on Small Wonder) Nobody knows that the little girl who talks like a robot, is a robot


Hal Sparks: If you could pick one person to be with you on a deserted island, it would be a girl named MacGyver


Michael Ian Black: (on Live Aid) Phil Collins flew from London to Philadelphia on the Concorde, proving once again that he is the coolest human being on the planet


Melissa Etheridge: (on Pee-Wee's Big Adventure) Come on, you can't have a shot of tequila, or two or three these days, and not do the tequila dance


Hal Sparks: I saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure at the YMCA, and we all discussed his bike for a week. It had streamers and what was that, a gas tank?


Michael Ian Black: (on Small Wonder) Either she's really a robot, or she's fucking crazy


Michael Ian Black: (on Bill Cosby) There comes a time when you have so much money that all you can do is spend it on horrible, horrible-looking sweaters that no one else can afford


Hal Sparks: (on ALF) The nose was a bit much. It was, like, 'ribbed for your pleasure’


Weird Al" Yankovic: I was going to ram into you, but since you've apparently got a baby on board, I'll try to hold back.


Hal Sparks: I remember that there were a lot of celebrities involved in Hands Across America, and none of them were near me in line.


Michael Ian Black: I'm all for helping people, and if you can laugh at them at the same time, great.


Michael Ian Black: You never saw the homeless at Comic Relief. They probably would've enjoyed the shelter


Mo Rocca: Celebrity weddings are so popular because we know they will crash and burn and make us feel better about our own lives.


Michael Ian Black: The plot of Top Gun is as follows: Tom Cruise flies an airplane around, and then tries to have sex with that girl


Sammy Hagar: (on the "Addicted to Love" video) How many of us in other bands thought, "Man, I should've thought of that"?


Michael Ian Black: (on Salt-n-Pepa) They did "Push It". They pushed it in all the right ways


Michael Ian Black: (on Cheers) There's the alcoholic bartender who doesn't drink, but encourages others to drink as much as is humanly possible


Michael Ian Black: (on Bono) He is the Messiah; there's no getting around it.


Tyler Stewart: (on acid-wash) I remember seeing it for the first time in a store and thinking, "Wow, that sucks."


Michael Ian Black: (on "It's the End of the World as We Know It") It's just an excuse for drunken frat boys to all scream 'Leonard Bernstein' really loudly, at the same time


Dee Snider: (on Jon Bon Jovi) There's no smiling in heavy metal, Jon. People didn't even know we had teeth until he came along.


Andrew "Dice" Clay: (on "Fatal Attraction") I think it was a movie that made people have affairs. The elevator scene? You're not going to get that at home


Finola Hughes: I never had a dancing instructor like Patrick Swayze. I don't think I would've done a lot of dancing if I had


Michael Ian Black: Don't ask me to choose between Tifanny and Debbie Gibson. That's like asking me to choose between my children


Raven Symone: (on "Push It") What it means, I don't know, cuz I was like, four.


Darius Rucker: (on Fatal Attraction) Every man walkin' out of the theater after seeing that movie said to his wife or girlfriend, "Honey, I love you!"


Hal Sparks: (on Rain Man) A young man exploits his autistic brother for financial gain, then regrets it, but keeps the money. Welcome to the '80s!


Hal Sparks: (on Who's the Boss?) They have to call you 'Tony' on your own show, when your real name is Tony? Something is desperately wrong.


Joel Stein: (on Yo! MTV Raps) I'm having enough trouble as a white guy trying to understand this rap stuff; I need two Dr. Dre's in my life?


Hal Sparks: (on George Michael's "Father Figure") Not written about a girl.


Kevin Weisman: (on The Cure) It's where all the scary goth kids come from.


Mo Rocca: I love statistics myself, so Rain Man really spoke to me.


Michael Moore: (on the Berlin Wall falling) A buddy of mine gets up and he's dancing on the wall, and the German guards are all like 'get down or we will shoot you!' and everybody's going "okay, shoot me!"


Michael Ian Black: (on Say Anything...) If I have something so deeply personal that I don't know what to say, I let Peter Gabriel do my talking for me.


Weird Al Yankovic: (on the Internet) Then: only 100,000 hosts. Now: 36,000,000 hosts. You want to know something even more amazing? Only 35,000,000 of them are porn


Michael Ian Black: (on the Berlin Wall falling) Who better to speak for the hopes of millions than Hasselhoff? Singing anthems, shaking his ass, talking to cars.


Hal Sparks: Friday the 13th did for camp what Jaws did for swimming. Remember when camp was fun? And every year you would be like, "Oh, I can't wait to go to camp! Is it time to go to camp yet?" And a year later, after Friday the 13th, "I don't wanna go to camp!"


Juliette Lewis: (on Mommie Dearest) I feared her, and yet wanted to become her.


John Fugelsang: Beastmaster was the movie a lot of young boys watched and thought, "gee, maybe I am gay." 


Mo Rocca: [The Road Warrior] was an accurate description of life in a leather bar.


Rachael Harris: I think T.J. Hooker proved that, once again, William Shatner tricked the studios into thinking he could act.


Hal Sparks: (on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) They put [Spock] in a sunglasses case, and shot him into space.


Loni Love: Lou Gossett, Jr. got the supporting Academy Award for [An Officer and a Gentleman], and we haven't seen him since


John Amos: I was invited to a lot of strange S&M parties after I wore that outfit [in Beastmaster].


Hal Sparks: How do we make slavery funny again? I know, let's write a movie called The Toy


Flavor Flav: (about Men at Work) Are they the best export to come out of Australia, besides U2...oh thats right, they came from Ireland!


Mo Rocca: The movie The Toy taught you that money can't buy you everything, but it can buy you a black man


Donal Logue: (on The Beastmaster) Tiger, you stand there. Ferrets, run down his pants and bite his penis! Let's go!


Rachael Harris: If I saw [Martina Navratilova] on the street, in real life, she would [bleep] me up.


Hal Sparks: KISS came out with an album called Lick it Up and took their make-up off on MTV, and my world collapsed


Announcer: (on Yentl) The unbeatable combination of cross-dressing and Scripture.


Hal Sparks: The best thing about Richard Simmons is he really cares about these big, fat women, and I think that's nice. I really do. I like Richard Simmons.


Beth Littleford: Thorn Birds--so unrealistic. I mean, a priest... falling in love... with a woman?


Donal Logue:[impersonating a cop]Why did you do it?...For a Klondike Bar.


Donal Logue: You know what I would do for a Klondike Bar? Just shell out the 52 cents and buy one.


Hal Sparks: I think that Christine was scarier [than Cujo]. A dog gets rabies, you just shoot it. I don't know what you do with a devil-possesed car.


Hal Sparks: Fraggle Rock was just another example of pot-induced puppetry.


Mo Rocca: I was free-basing Chicken McNuggets all through the '80s


Mo Rocca: The Day After was hilarious!


Hal Sparks: Cagney and Lacey originally had a longer title, which was Mom, There's Two Big, Lesbian Cops at the Door!


Lita Ford: When I sat on a barstool, people yelled, "Lita sat there! Can you autograph it?" And I'd write, "Scratch and sniff. Love, Lita."


Mo Rocca: The moral of Gremlins is like The Karate Kid, which is "the old Asian guy always knows."


Darius Rucker: I'm a dork. Of course I started a wave. Several.


Juliette Lewis: (on My Little Pony) This is enough to hypnotize any young child: diamond sparkly eyes.


Michael Ian Black: Truly, I have always wanted a My Little Pony, but I never had the courage to ask for one. (as his mother) Don't you want a dirt bike, Mike? (back to himself) Just a My Little Pony... please?


Michael Ian Black: [Freddy Krueger] sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. It doesn't matter if you've been bad or good. He's gonna stab you in the throat.


Michael Ian Black: Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous shows, in excruciating detail, all the things you will never have.
Frank Stallone: It's a show that really makes you hate rich people. I almost didn't speak to my brother after that.


Michael Ian Black: It seems to me if you were inclined to smoke crack to begin with, the rhyming phrase "crack is whack" was probably not going to stop you.


Hal Sparks: I don't care who you are. You can't not love I Want to Know What Love Is.


Michael Ian Black: If you mess with the formula to Coca-Cola, suddenly you've got problems. You've got riots.


Juliette Lewis: (reading Jolt can) This is so wrong. "All the sugar, and twice the caffeine."


Michael Ian Black: [Double Dare] was about taunting, am I right? One set of children made to feel superior over another. That's the kind of television I can support.


Michael Ian Black: (on Rainbow Brite) I love that her hair is made of yarn. So often with these dolls, you get synthetic hair that feels bad to the touch. Not Rainbow. (hugs his Rainbow Brite doll)


David Lee Roth: Everyone wants to be known as hip, young, sexy, and cool. Especially fat people


Brian Unger: Suzanne Vega proved to the world, "I can write a song about child abuse, and you'll like it."


Zach Hanson: I've never been attracted to an animal, except for Cheetara.


Michael Ian Black: (on Disorderlies) Lets get Ralph Bellamy and 3 obese rappers and just let them go at each other.


Loni Love: (on Flowers in the Attic) Everybody was talking about the book, this was what taught me to read, cuz Dr. Seuss wasn't doing anything for me.


Hal Sparks: Young Guns: my mom and my sister used to call that movie "Young Buns."


Joel Stein: The Jamaican bobsled team uncovered the horrible, obvious truth. That bobsled is not a sport, it's a ride.


Michael Ian Black: What happens when you say "Beetlejuice" three times? You die? He dies? Somebody dies?


Michael Ian Black: Was I a fan of "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car"? Hello! Do the words 'greatest song ever written' mean anything to you?


Joel Stein: (on My Two Dads) Bad news. Your mom's dead, and she was a slut. We have no idea who your father is. It's probably one of these two guys. Why don't you go live with them?


Mandy Moore: (on Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Doom really freaked me out. He was catching toons and dipping them in acid.


Michael Ian Black: My touchdown dance would be bow, rondolet, rondolet, push-the-clouds, push-the-clouds, jazz hands!

12:28am: Icons!
Ummm....I'd like you to tell me when you take one (just makes me feel good about myself!)  but I don't really care about giving credit or anything. I'm especially fond of the Jerry Garcia one because there is a math teacher at our school that looks just like that.

These are all quotes from I Love the 70s and I Love the 70s Volume II.

Like 'em?
Don't like 'em?
If you like them I'll get workin' on a series of them for I Love the 80s.

5th June 2007


Ellen Cleghorne: (on Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret) It was like, "Okay, you got your period. Here's a tampon, don't get it on your clothes. Get out and go to school. End of story, thank you very much."


Hal Sparks: (on The Exorcist) Was it strange that I thought she was cuter after she became possessed?


Mark Hoppus: (on connect Four) It's the thrill of checkers... vertically.


Michael Ian Black: (on Foxy Brown) She was indeed foxy, and she was also brown.


Jeff Corwin: (on Pet Rocks) In the 70's, 35,000 pet rocks were euthanized because they couldn't find a proper home. People do not realize the amount of care needed for these pets.


Hal Sparks: My pet rock attacked my best friend so we had to put it down


Michael Ian Black: I raged on the Bicentennial. I was just about to turn five. We got out the Jack and the Coke, and we went cra-zy.


Bil Dwyer: (on Shields and Yarnell) If somebody asks you what the '70s were like, say "mimes had a show."


Rachael Harris: (on You Light Up My Life) Had I known she was singing about God, that would've creeped me out.


Hal Sparks: You always though that any time Bohemian Rhapsody came on, it meant the DJ had diarrhea. He needed time.


Mo Rocca: Burt Reynolds was like 6 Village People in one


Mo Rocca: I felt many things after watching Star Wars, chief among them that I wanted my own light saber


Michael Ian Black: The subtext, to me, of Wonder Woman was S&M.


Ellen Cleghorne: I did not watch Roots. I did not want to have to go to school mad and beat up some white folks. I had an attitude problem anyway.


Greg Proops: People who liked The Who were jocks, while people who liked Led Zeppelin were the pot-smoking, acid-taking, Hobbit-reading groove monkeys.


Michael Ian Black: (on Animal House) If being a drunken slob, college failure wasn't cool already, John Belushi made it even more so.


Michael Ian Black: (on The Price is Right) Consumers battle wits to determine how much a bottle of Ajax costs


Michael Ian Black: [The Village People were] 6 very fit men, singing about having sex, at the Young Men's Christian Association.


Stephen Lynch: (on the Village People) America very naively thought they were just a bunch of guys singing about the YMCA


Mo Rocca: (on Three's Company) My favorite episode is definitely the one with the whole misunderstanding.


Mo Rocca: The Chippendales showed, once and for all, that you do not need to wear a shirt to wear a bowtie.


Kevin Weisman: (on Pop Rocks) It's a horrible combination of chemicals, that's delicious.


Michael Ian Black: Hippie fashion—the idea was, "if we dress colorfully enough, nobody will notice that we're dirty."


Rachael Harris: You don't mess with George C. Scott. You don't. Although sexually you do, 'cause he'd be a badass in the bedroom


Michael Ian Black: Nobody loves Ryan Seacrest more than me; that's documented. But can he replace Casey Kasem? Can a Hyundai replace a Ferrari?


Michael Ian Black: (on Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World") We are so baked. "Joy to the fishes," joy to you, man, joy to me. Kind of encapsulated the entire decade in those lyrics right there, except for all of the hatred.


Chris Booker: The Gremlin was like a shoebox that had wheels.


Hal Sparks: (on Hawaii Five-0) Every third case should've been called "The Case of the Girl in the Bikini with the Big Boobs."


Mo Rocca: If the indians didn't have it bad enough with the Trail of Tears, now they had hippies dressing up like them.


Michael Ian Black: (holding The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers) I'm not really sure who they're suggesting this was. I mean, I guess the implication was Mick. I don't know. You'd have to ask David Bowie about that.


Brad Sherwood: [Jerry Garcia] looks like if your math teacher was on a deserted island for 20 years and then you rescued him.


Bil Dwyer: (on K-Tel 8-tracks) Not only did you suffer the ignominy of having an 8-track player, but you had to pay more for your choice of music.


Frank Vincent: (on Brian's Song) They were homosexuals, weren't they?


Michael Ian Black: (on The Hollywood Squares) Maybe they had writers, maybe they didn't. I choose to believe they didn't. I want to preserve the fantasy


Joel Stein: (on The Hollywood Squares) "Circle gets the square." They thought that was the most clever sentence anyone had ever written


Elon Gold: The View-Master was amazing. Everyone had a View-Master.
Jason George: If you didn't, you really sucked.


Mark Hoppus: (holding a View-Master) This is the GameBoy of the 1970s.


Dave "Snake" Sabo: (on Ian Anderson) Every flute teacher was, like, "I knew it! Our time has come!"


Bil Dwyer: (on Brian's Song) You've got a black heart if you didn't cry.


Brad Sherwood: The Supercomb was the white man's answer to the pick.


Patrice O'Neal: Billy Jack—-greatest karate movie of all-time starring a non-Chinese person.


Hal Sparks: How did [Maude] get pregnant? Wouldn't her penis get in the way?


Michael Ian Black: I can say "mother****er" ten times in a row, and it's, it's cute. I mean, it's adorable. But when [Richard Pryor] says it, it's just downright funny.


Gilbert Gottfried: (on Billy Dee Williams) Oh, girlfriend, he was fine—oh, wait, I think I was looking at the cue card for one of the black comediennes.


John Waters: [Paul Lynde] brought out the inner 'fag hag' gene that women have


Rachael Harris: [Superfly] really made me want to kill whitey.


Michael Ian Black: I don't know who 'the man' is. He looks an awful lot like Dick Cheney.


Stuart Scott: [Nerf] is, like, football for remedial kids



Bill Dwyer: Goodyear Blimp debuted in 1972 because America was clammoring for slower air travel


Rachael Harris: Sophia Loren—good God, what a body. She had some hot cans.


Hal Sparks: Nerf was the beginning of the soft, chubby, weak-minded child.


Hal Sparks: (on his mom's thoughts) All other sex was filth, but [Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling] ****ing was a great thing.


John Waters: (on Pink Flamingos) I wrote that whole movie on marijuana.


Antigone Rising: [The Goodyear Blimp] didn't really bode well for any of the heavy kids in school


Dee Snider: Maude was a heinous and unattractive symbol of the feminist movement


Simon Doonan: The unfortunate thing about Charlie is that women would say, "oh, can you smell my Charlie?" and it would sound like this horrible double entendre.


John Aboud: [Jesus Christ Superstar] was kind of like The Passion of the Christ, but set to a beat—a groovy beat.


Mo Rocca: In 1973, being homosexual went from being deranged to being delightful.


Michael Colton: The central flaw of Westworld was there wouldn't be any problem if they didn't give the robots live ammunition. Who gave them bullets?


Michael Colton: (on Paper Moon) There's nothing cuter than a nine-year-old girl smoking cigarettes.


Michael Ian Black: (on celebrity bowling) When it comes to athletic endeavors, I'm not trusting a celebrity as far as I can throw them.


Brian Posehn: I'm not going to sleep with Steve McQueen, but, uh, I'd hug him.


John Aboud: Favorite ELO song? "Don't Bring Me Down"—'cause I wanted to know who Bruce was.


Willie Garson: There were two game shows when I was a kid that was, like, why I wanted to be famous, and one of them was definitely Password.


Riki Rachtman: Before roofies came along, you had to throw on some Barry White if you wanted to get a chick in the sack.


Rachael Harris: If you had any sort of motion sickness, which I did, you, you really, you couldn't wait to get the **** off the Sit 'n Spin.


Brad Sherwood: Before the Heimlich Maneuver, there was this process called "Everyone Stand Around and Stare at the Choking Person".


Bryan Callen: Sonny Chiba was basically a poor man's bruce Lee.


Kristen Henderson: (on Password) The game show was instantly ruined because they put the word up on the screen, so it was, like, you couldn't play along at home.


Luis Guzman: When I used to watch Password, I discovered what anxiety attacks were.


Michael Ian Black: People weren't happy about Hank Aaron breaking the record. The Babe was beloved. The Babe was, uh white; Hank not so much.


Hal Sparks: A lot of people had defected to the United States from Russia before Mikhail Baryshnikov, but, um, no one had done it with such pizzazz!


Greg Fitzsimmons: Chico and the Man—that was a TV show that did for Latinos what Sanford and Son did for black people, which is not a lot.


Michael Ian Black: (on the Harlem Globetrotters) Night after night the black guys are whooping the white guys' asses, and on a certain level that's satisfying.


Kristen Henderson: I actually thought, I was little, and I thought it was Gladys Knight and the Pimps


Mo Rocca: (on Earthquake) Ava Garner's father is played by Lorne Greene, which means that Lorne Greene was seven years old when he sired Ava Gardner.


Michael Ian Black: (on Burt Reynolds) If you could just somehow smell like him for two seconds, you'll have Cheryl Tiegs on your wiener.


Adam Ferrara: (on the Bedazzler) Because the seventies' fashion wasn't tacky enough—let's put rhinestones in it!


Michael Ian Black: (on the Pink Panther movies) I'd need to watch these movies again to make a real fair assessment of whether or not they needed to do 13 of them. I suspect not.


Mo Rocca: Rollerball envisions a society in the year 2018 where nations no longer exist. The world is divided into corporations that, naturally, fight each other in roller derbies.


Stephanie d'Abruzzo: The only words to "The Hustle" were, "Do the Hustle." Isn't that interesting?


Rachael Harris: That's really screwed up that, like, Joe Namath put on panty hose to sell them. And that it was oddly sexual.


Bil Dwyer: Do I remember the Pacer? How about 'the Dwyers had a Pacer'?!


Chris Wylde: No one could really skateboard in the 70s, except for, like, six guys.


Nicole Sullivan: [The Rocky Horror Picture Show] is so full of debauchery and fabulousness that it made we wanna put on mens clothing and have sex parties.


Annabelle Gurwitch: (on "Lady Maramalade") All my girlfriends and I were like, "we speak French now!"


Michael Ian Black: Some people say [Jimmy Hoffa] ran afoul of the Mafia. Obviously that's not true; the Mafia doesn't exist. But he may have made some enemies in the labor movement somewhere. Or, others say—no, that's pretty much all people say: "The mob killed him."


Jake Fogelnest: Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road" is about what all Bruce Springsteen songs are about: bein' from New Jersey, you know, and livin' a tough life.


Loni Love: I thought, "you know, if [Joe Namath] can get his big ass in them panty hose, so can I."


Hal Sparks: (on Swiss Family Robinson) I did not remember that it was Helen Hunt that was the child, but she does look like someone who grew up in a tree.


Mo Rocca: Pamela Sue Martin put the sex back in Nancy Drew.


Michael Ian Black: (on pogoing) If Sid Vicious wants to take credit for inventing jumping up and down, I'm happy to give that to him.


Michael Ian Black: (on Devo) Flower pots and computer-programmed music—you wouldn't think it would work, but it did.

That's all I have for that.
If anyone has anymore from the I Love the 70s series please share!

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29th April 2007

7:07pm: VROOM!
I did this during the confederate rocket revisit episode.  I was supposed to be doing my homework but I lost all concentration in the first few minutes.  I know it's not very good but I though it was kinda cute.

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16th April 2007

12:23am: mythbusters icons

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15th April 2007

11:32pm: more icons
Here's some of the rest of those icons.
My computer messed up again.
I only have a few more to do!

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5:27pm: monty python icons

I've got a few more but my computer is giving me problems.
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